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Tuesday 1st June 2021 14:20

Farewell & Thanks

Reminder, Michael (Mick) Murphy is retiring / Joe Scally
Michael (Mick) Murphy is leaving the building. After almost 44 years in ESB, the ever-youthful Michael Murphy will retire on June 4th, 2021. Michael joined ESB on 10th October 1977 as an apprentice Electrician in the old Dublin North West District. When he finished his apprenticeship in 1981, he worked in the Ballymun depot and in the Finglas Area. In 1988, he joined the Training Centre as an electrical apprentice instructor. In 1992, he moved to the Operation Training and was involved in the development and delivery of all Operations and Maintenance Training courses.
In 2003, he joined Network Operations in Asset Management and was a member of the Electrical Safety Rules review group. Michael became the “Rules” man in Networks. During his time in Network Operations, Michael was a member of the STSS group, providing expert and unrivalled Operational support to all Operators, Supervisors and Managers. Amongst his many significant achievements in his time there, Michael produced ESB Networks Electrical Safety Rules refresher courses and developed the modified Pathfinder for locating 10kV Earth Faults in a more efficient manner. He also assisted in the development of MV neutral treatment, and skilfully co-ordinated the transfer of the Transmission compounds and operation from Generation to Networks. In January 2016, Michael took a big step and did his own transfer, by leaving Networks to join Generation, in the Safety Support section which transferred to P&OD as part of the restructuring. However, he didn’t leave his “Rules” ethos behind, and in 2017 was assigned to lead the development of the new Safety Rules for G&T – the SSoW Rules. Michael joined the Energy UK Safety Rules group and was a member of the sub-group who developed the SSoW principles document which is now the reference Rules document for all generators in the UK. The ESB SSoW Rules are now completed and are currently being rolled out to the Generation Locations. This is a final, fitting and lasting testament to Michael’s legacy. Michael’s warm and helpful personality has ensured that he made many, many good and long-standing friendships with staff across ESB. On behalf of all of us, we wish to thank Michael for the tremendous contribution he has given to ESB over the course of his career. We will miss his honest, open and practical attitude, his sense of humour, sharp wit and his wise counsel which is highly valued by colleagues and managers alike. We wish Michael, his wife Jacinta and their family every good health and every happiness for the future. Unfortunately, due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, it is not possible to celebrate Michael’s retirement with him in person as we would like. However, we look forward to celebrating with Michael, later in the year, when restrictions are lifted.

Thank you from Patsy Grogan on his recent retirement / Brian O’Mahony
On behalf of my wife Mary, and my sons Conor, Neil and Enda I would like to say thank you to everyone who wished me well on my retirement. I really appreciate all the good wishes received from colleagues by video, calls, emails and texts.
I feel extremely privileged having spent the last 40 years in the ESB not only from a work perspective but more importantly having the privilege of working with great colleagues some of whom I now consider lifelong friends.
I wish you all every success, good health and happiness in the future. Kind Regards, Patsy