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Thursday 3rd June 2021 14:21

Farewell & Thanks

Retirement of Eddie Nally / Mike Fitzgerald
3 generations of ESB service, starting in 1932 finish on Friday, 4th June when Eddie Nally logs off for the last time. The Nally family, Eddie, his father and grandfather, have completed nearly 90 years in total, with Eddie’s 42 year service. Starting in 1979 in Lanesboro power station, Eddie moved on to Ferbane before joining Distribution Department in Dundalk in 1988. Eddie has been synonymous with IT systems development and training since the earliest days of digitisation in ESB and this became a full time role when he joined the Training & Development section in 1992 and then NTC in 2002. Among many other systems and innovations, Eddie has been deeply involved in SAP from the outset and has worked on the latest version rollout up to recently. The technical training and approvals system we have today reflects Eddie’s logical and systematic approach to effective delivery. Eddie has been an integral part of the DNA of NTC for nearly 20 years and has made a massive contribution not only to the success of NTC but also to the spirit and soul of the place. As a techie, trainer, professional, go-to person, manager, mentor, GAA pundit and all round gentleman, Eddie has been the embodiment of the NTC family ethos. We thank Eddie for his good humoured contribution over a long career and wish him health and happiness in his next role in the career of life. There will be a formal event to celebrate Eddie’s career when Covid allows.