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Thursday 5th November 2020 14:21

Farewell & Thanks

Thanks from Seamus McLaughlin on his retirement/
I would like to express my thanks to all current and former colleagues who took the time to phone, email or text to express their good wishes on my retirement. It is greatly appreciated and I was particularly surprised and delighted to hear from colleagues from my earliest years in ESB- the formative years.
I have worked with some great and talented people during my career in ESB Group – particularly in the engineering and construction arm of the business and in ESB International where I spent the majority of my career.
Maybe it’s a cliche to say that all great companies are built on the ‘shoulders of giants’ who have gone before- but I think that is particularly apt in an organisation like ESB by virtue of its unique positioning in Irish society. It has always adopted and implemented innovation that was reflective of the particular period in its history. The establishment of ESB International in the 1980s is one such example of organisational innovation. Its creation was in large part driven by the economic circumstances of the time and where arguably the structure drove the strategy in this instance.
Building on our experience gained in electricity infrastructure development in Ireland and utilising excess internal engineering resources at the time, ESB Group built an overseas consultancy business focused on helping people in the developing countries of the world. It has been a good place to work.
In retiring from ESB Group, I would like to pay special thanks to Tom & Patricia (Group People & Organisation Development) and Krystle (Enterprise Services) for their considerable help and assistance in the retirement process- their expertise, knowledge and ongoing help was invaluable.
In conclusion, I would like to wish all my colleagues in ESB Group, Engineering & Major Projects all the very best in the future. Many thanks and special wishes to Sean, Dave, Aisling and all the team in ESBI for health happiness and success in all your future endeavours and trust that our paths will meet again soon. Kind Regards, Seamus


Thanks from Grainne Coogan, RIP Eddie Coogan /
A most sincere and heartfelt “Thank You” from myself and my family to the many ESB colleagues and friends, both my dad Eddie’s and mine, who have reached out to us before and since Dad’s death. The lovely cards, letters, flowers, phone-calls, emails, text messages and condolence messages posted on really have been a source of great comfort and support to us all.
Thank you especially to my close colleagues/friends who have been so caring during these difficult months. Your kindness helps more than you know. Grainne