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Thursday 6th May 2021 14:23

Farewell & Thanks

Reminder that Arthur Hutchinson is retiring on Friday 7th May / Adrian Kelly REMINDER Arthur’s ZOOM retirement event is on zoom at 4pm tomorrow.
After 40 years of dedicated service Arthur Hutchinson will be retiring from ESB on the 7th May 2021. Arthurs last day in his “home office” was Friday 26th March 2021.
Arthur joined ESB in September 1980 as a Graduate engineer in Civil Works Department and worked on several engineering projects including site engineer for the Moneypoint 400Kv lines. In 1986 Arthur joined a small team to support the establishment of ESBI Computing. He enjoyed many years developing and supporting a range of commercial software products, particularly in the area of Computer Aided Design and GIS. In 2001 he was appointed to the role of IT & BP manager for Customer Supply and was responsible for the delivery of the Market Opening IT Programme for Customer Supply. Following a number of years as Billing & Payments manager in Customer Supply Arthur moved to Shared Services in 2008. Between 2008 and 2017 Arthur held several senior management roles across Share Services and ITS. In 2018 he was appointed to the role of People Operations Manager. Arthur, during his career, has made a significant and positive contribution to the success of ESB.
Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we are unable to celebrate Arthur’s retirement in person. However a Zoom event is organised to mark the occasion on 7th May at 4pm.
Arthur has made many good and long-standing friendships across ESB and will be missed by all. We wish Arthur and Mary every happiness and success long into the future.

Retirement of John O’Donoghue / Sean O’Connell
Our friend and colleague John O’Donoghue will retire on May 14th, 2021 after almost 41 years of dedicated service to ESB. John started out on his career with ESB on the is 5th August 1980 as a trainee Linesman and served the first year and a half in the coastal town of Youghal. He then spent another 12 months in Fermoy before returning to ESB Albert Road, Cork where he received his Chargehand Linesman certificate.
ESB headquarters moved to Wilton in 1984 and in 1985 John was invited to move to the Fleet and Equipment Garage as a mechanic. In 1986 John was asked to create a schedule for maintaining and inspecting lifting and climbing equipment in accordance with HSA Regulations in Cork. Following the success of the Cork pilot John was set the task of developing an identical system to accommodate all lifting and climbing equipment nationally. John developed a team of Lifting and Climbing Inspectors, training them on maintenance, repair, and inspection of all lifting and climbing equipment. The team created by John continues this work today, inspecting more than 50,000 items annually.
John has always shown a flair for innovation and took on many projects, one of the most notable being a sustainability project where ESB Networks undertook a biodiesel pilot aimed at reducing carbon emissions from the ESB fleet. This involved the introduction of biofuel vehicles and electric vehicles in partnership with the University of Limerick, travelling to Belgium to showcase some of the first electric vehicles, and finally in 2010 travelling to the Italian Alps as part of a research team with a group of UL professors testing Irish made biofuel in extreme sub-zero temperatures.
John joined the Technical Development Team in 2011 in the role of Technical Specialist with responsibility for lifting, working at height, load securing and construction tooling, succeeding Liam Shanahan.
John wore the badge of Technical Specialist with ease, and through his experience and knowledge he made a really significant contribution across Networks including the development of a number of bespoke systems such as the Zip-Line System, Fallsoft/Post & Base System, aluminium X-arm gins, ALF lifting system to name but a few. John also continued to work closely with the Lifting Gear Team and especially his successor Paul Dennehy to ensure the safe introduction of new lifting and working at height equipment.
John’s real strength lay in his ability to effectively communicate with people at all levels in ESB, always happy to take a call and appreciative of feedback. John’s brilliant wit, excellent story telling ability and listening ear have made him extremely popular with all his friends and colleagues across ESB and beyond.
John certainly won’t be idle in retirement and I’m sure his grandson Jack has plenty of day trips planned for this summer and beyond. Retirement will also afford John the time to dedicate himself to supporting his beloved West Ham and Cork City, and when travel restrictions are eased getting back on that plane to some sunny destinations.
On behalf of everyone in Technical Development I want to wish John and his wife Rita and their family good health and every happiness for the future.
Unfortunately, due to Covid, we cannot celebrate John’s retirement as we would like at this time. However, we look forward to celebrating later when restrictions are lifted.


Thanks from Niamh Lawlor / Niamh Lawlor
My family and I would like to thank all my colleagues and friends in ESB, both current and retired, who phoned, posted condolences and sent messages and emails and provided great support during the extremely difficult time following the sudden passing of my mum, Tan Harrington. Your kindness is truly appreciated and will be remembered always. Thank You, Niamh