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Thursday 8th April 2021 14:23

Farewell & Thanks

Mary Flanagan is retiring / Mark Lyons
After a long career of 42 years, Mary retires from ESB on Friday 9th April. Mary’s career was in two halves from a location point of view, the first was in Dublin in Transmission Department and ESB International, before a move to Cork in 2001 to help establish the then ESB International Cork office in Eastgate, now the EMP Cork office. It is in this role she perhaps made her most enduring contribution to the company, helping found and develop the Cork office over the years. Mary will be hugely missed by everyone working in the office.
We wish Mary and her family a happy, long and healthy retirement, and all the very best for the future.
Unfortunately, due to current restrictions it is not possible to celebrate with an in-person event at this time but we will revisit this as soon as we are permitted to.