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Wednesday 8th December 2021 14:22

Farewell & Thanks

Dave Shepherd is retiring / Sean Atkinson
Dave has worked in ESB International for over 21 years, starting his career back in 2000 at Uch Power Plant in Pakistan. This was after an already extensive career working in the power generation industry in the UK, Australia, and the Middle East. As Plant Manager Dave built up a strong team making substantial plant improvements that led to the high availability standards that stand to this day. In 2005 Dave was appointed Plant Manager at Coolkeeragh Power Plant in Northern Ireland taking on all the challenges associated with a new plant, where he successfully navigated the station through some important outages and prepared the plant for entry into the Single Electricity Market. Dave became Plant Manager Dublin Bay Power in 2008 where he worked until 2011 where he broke with his hands-on plant and field experience and entered ESB International Head Office. Over the last ten years Dave has worked across many senior management roles in ESB International in the areas O&M, engineering services and most recently business development. Also, as many people are aware over the last 10 years Dave has devoted time to coaching and he has undoubtedly helped to make a difference in many people’s lives and careers. Dave is looking forward to retirement and will be keeping himself busy working on his new-found hobby of landscape painting (his talents can be viewed on his Instagram account #daveshepherd66) local history, building up his fitness for some long-distance hiking and continuing his coaching work. Most importantly during his time in ESB Dave met Bernie and they married in 2006. Bernie and Dave are lucky to live in Glendalough and would love to meet up with friends and colleagues who are passing by or taking a walk around the lakes. It is unfortunate that we are unable to meet to give Dave a proper send-off, but he can be contacted on and on his mobile (087) 9206727.

Larry Taaffe is retiring / Peter O’Loghlen
After 42 years’ service to ESB, Larry Taaffe will be retiring on 10th January 2022. Larry joined ESB in 1980 and was assigned to the network-construction team Drogheda. In 1982, he was appointed as Engineering Assistant in Dundalk Records Office and progressed to Engineering Officer in 1993. Larry quickly became an exemplar in the accurate capture and presentation of graphical network information. This work evolved over his career from paper-based systems through NMS, DFIS, GeoDart up to today’s integrated GIS system, G/Designer. Larry produced and updated HV, MV and LV network schematics and associated data through various organisational changes. His high-quality outputs served our frontline teams and other users very well. He also undertook substation-site acquisition work and forestry & cable easements. In 2014, he turned his hand temporarily to Design work, issuing designs & quotations for over 400 eir fibre-cabinets in ‘record’ time.
Since 2009, Larry has devoted much of his time to a largely ‘solo project’ to update LV Urban network records. He has completed a huge volume of this work, covering every LV circuit in all towns and surrounding estates in Dundalk, Drogheda and Mullingar Areas; and more recently he has made major inroads to Dublin North Area. As well as serving traditional users, these high-quality LV urban records will facilitate the creation of a fully connected LV model which will serve multiple stakeholders in the context of ESBN’s climate-action mandate in the years ahead.
All through his career, Larry has discharged his duties with diligence and quiet efficiency, never seeking the limelight. He is recognised across ESBN for his deep knowledge of recording matters and his willingness to help his colleagues on many levels. He will be missed by his current team and his friends and (in-house) customers in Dundalk, Mullingar and beyond. We thank Larry sincerely for his outstanding service to ESB and wish him good health and happiness for the future. Note: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, it will not be feasible to formally mark Larry’s retirement at this time, but we hope to do so in due course. If anyone would like to contact Larry over the next few weeks, he will be delighted to hear from you.