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Friday 12th March 2021 14:23

Farewell & Thanks

John Flynn is retiring / Shay Nolan
John Flynn is taking his leave of ESB in mid May after more than 42 years of Service. John’s last day in the ‘office’ is Today Friday 12th March.
John has worked across many areas of ESB and is recognised as a specialist particularly in relation to Safety Management and Metering. So it is fitting that John leaves from a role in the Smart Metering Project where he has contributed so positively to metering aspects of the Deployment team but most notably delivered a very positive result for the Project in the most recent NSAI Safety Management System Audit.
John is part of a large group who joined as apprentices in 1978 and who are still working in ESB or have just left and he will be sorely missed.
John is always a pleasure to deal with, whether with his sharp wit and quick comment or his common sense approach to managing an issue.
Like so many others John can’t have a face to face ‘do’ at this time but hopefully we can correct that in the near future. We will however hold a virtual event in May to mark this special occassion and an invite will follow.
We want to wish John, and his wife Maura and his sons the very best in John’s new chapter, hopefully they have a long list of things to help keep John busy.