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Friday 18th June 2021 14:24

Farewell & Thanks

Denis Scanlan retires today / Mark Madigan
After a fantastic career in ESB, our friend and colleague Denis Scanlan has decided to retire on the 18th June. Denis is known to us all as the author of the monthly safety brief as well as helping and supporting numerous safety improvement programmes through his management and oversight of SHIELD. This management and oversight has made ESB Networks a safer place to work for all. Denis will be truly missed by all his friends and colleagues across ESB.

Sean Doolin, CS/EI is retiring soon / Niall Hogan
With 42 years of great service to ESB, Sean Doolin will be retiring next week. Sean’s career has spanned many business areas and roles across those 42 years but it is for his roles in the customer-facing energy supply business that he is probably best known and in particular for the part he has played in leading Electric Ireland’s regulatory function over the last decade. Sean is a pleasure to work with – intelligent, good fun, astute and insightful. He has been an ambassador for Electric Ireland and the wider Group in an often understated yet highly effective way with many external groups over the years. He is generous with his time, measured yet forthright in his feedback and widely respected for his expertise. He will be greatly missed at both a personal and a professional level by so many ESB friends and colleagues he has worked with throughout his career. On behalf of all of them, the company and for my own part I want to thank Sean for his service, his commitment and loyalty to ESB and to wish him a long, happy and healthy retirement. Due to Covid, we are unable to mark Sean’s retirement in person at this time but we hope to mark this milestone with him later in the year when hopefully Covid restrictions will have continued to ease.