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Thursday 21st October 2021 14:21

Farewell & Thanks

Patsy Ryan, ESB Networks is retiring / Kevin Harrington
After nearly 42 years of dedicated service, Patsy Ryan of ESB Networks CD Limerick, is hanging up his boots tomorrow 22nd Oct 2021. Patsy has done trojan work for ESB over the years, on a day to day basis doing so much for so many people behind the scenes and also having been On-call in Limerick for many years. There isn’t a section of network or difficult customer in Limerick, who Patsy doesnt know and has dealt at some stage! He is known by all in Rosbrien and will be missed greatly by his collegues. For anyone who knows Patsy, we will be having a cup of tea to mark his retirement tomorrow morning first thing in Rosbrien. We wish Patsy all the best in the next stage of his life and hope to further mark this milestone in the future when the covid situation allows.