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Friday 22nd September 2017 14:18


The Sale was a huge success! / James Foley
The ElectricAid Sale turned out to be as big and successful as we hoped. We sold vast quantities of books, CDs, DVDs, Art, Gifts and Trinkets. The remainder has been donated to 3 charity shops.
I think everyone enjoyed the Sale, and we raised OVER €3,000 for our Special Appeal for East Africa & South Asia.
Sincere thanks to our Collectors, helpers, donors, sales assistants, clearer-uppers – and to ESB for donating the remainder of No. 29 stock, which flew off the shelves. See you all next year!


Children’s books required / Lesley Murphy
John Menton, the librarian in O’Connell’s Secondary School near Croke Park is looking for donations of children’s secondhand books for their school library. The school receives very little funding and most of the books in the library have been provided by parents and teachers. Books are to suit children with very basic reading skills – from 4 up to more able readers.
The students in this school are in one of the most disadvantaged area and the school also have a number of new arrivals to our country with very little English.
If you have anything to donate please send to me here in Gateway 2 and I’ll arrange to get them to John.