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Tuesday 25th May 2021 14:23

Farewell & Thanks

Pat Philpott is retiring, ESB Networks Wilton / Carmel Geaney
After 41 years of dedicated and loyal service to ESB our good friend and colleague Pat Philpott is retiring and his last working day is Friday 28th May.
Pat started his career in ESB as a young Clerical Officer. Pat has worked in many parts of the business, from the Marina to Academy Street to Wilton and he brought “Mrs Murphy” along with him every step of the way. Always keeping our customers in mind, his dedication to customer service is commendable. His commitment to customers and his respect and care for colleagues has been a constant throughout his working life. During his career in ESB Pat has had a positive impact on his colleagues and made many lifelong friendships. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we are unable to celebrate Pat’s retirement in person at the moment. He will be greatly missed in ESB especially by his friends and colleagues in Wilton however we wish him and his family a long and happy retirement.

John Burke is retiring, ESB Networks / Kara Keenaghan
After 40 years and 2 days (but who’s counting) John Burke has decided to retire from ESB. John spent the majority of his career in the Kilkenny area from when he started as an area electrician in Friary St on the 7th June 1981 through his 19 years on call before he became the C.S.S. for Kilkenny in 2009. Over that time he has many tales to tell but they are perhaps better suited to a night out than this announcement. John became an Apprentice Supervisor in 2015 and since then he has helped shape and direct hundreds of apprentices through the early years of their careers in his own inimitable style. His influence on Apprentices was clearly outlined at a recent briefing when one of our current apprentices thanked John for his honesty in dealing with them whilst also complementing him on his drive and passion for this role. Although he will be greatly missed by the Apprentices, the staff of the NTC and the wider ESB family, he will be most especially missed by the Competence Development Team. In particular by the Apprentices Supervision team for his wit and wisdom in dealing with all eventualities. On a personal level I would like to thank John for the support he has given me since I took over this role. Although he could see the exit gate and the golf course was calling to him he still had the same interest and commitment to ensuring that every apprentice was looked after to the highest standard and to help out his colleagues whenever he could. John’s last day is Wednesday June 9th I’m sure he would love to hear from his many friends and colleagues throughout the company at Following his retirement he has great plans to “get off this rock” i.e. travel with his wife Traze and play as much golf as possible but for us it is a sad parting. However as John has so often said to us “It is what it is, you just have to get on with it”.
So finally, on behalf of all his colleagues in ESB I would like to wish John a very happy and a healthy retirement.

Martin Kennedy & Michael Kirwan, are retiring, ESB Networks Sean Mulvoy Road / Mat Cunningham
It is not often one gets to announce the retirement of two people from the same office with a combined total ESB service of more than 86 years. Martin Kennedy started off in ESB in March 1977 as a General Worker based in Tuam. He became a Trainee Linesman in October 1977 and following successful completion of this he was based in Castlebar where he worked for a number of years in the local Construction Group.
When a vacancy in the Design office in Galway was advertised in 1982, Martin successfully applied for this and moved back to his native Galway to take up the role of Engineering Assistant, as it was known as then. At some stage over the 39 years he has spent in this role, the job title was changed to Engineering Officer and Martin is one of the longest serving in this role in ESB Networks. Michael Kirwan started off in ESB working as a General worker on the building of the Cashla-Flagford 220kV line in the summer of 1978. This lasted for 3 months and he reluctantly went back to school in September to complete his Leaving Certificate. The following year he went to Tuam as a General worker and in 1980 he became a Trainee Linesman. Following his completion of this he was based in Loughrea for a number of years. In 1985 he joined the Galway Construction Group. Michael moved away from the tools in 1998 to take up an Engineering Officer position in the Galway office.
Both Martin and Michael are retiring together and their last day in the office is Friday 4th June.
On behalf of ESB and all their workmates and colleagues, I would like to thank Martin and Michael for their loyal and dedicated service throughout their extensive careers and particularly to the many customers they would have dealt with over the years.
I would like to wish them both a long and happy retirement and many more years with their families.
Hopefully, we will get a chance to have a proper celebration with them in the not too distant future.