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Wednesday 25th August 2021 14:22


Last day in ESB for Pat O’Doherty / Paddy Hayes
Today marks Pat’s last day in ESB. It’s an important moment to recognise and acknowledge Pat and his enormous contribution through his 40-year career and these past ten years as ESB’s CEO. Joining ESB in 1981, Pat initially worked in telecommunications and power system control before spending time in many parts of the organisation including Networks, Generation, and ESB International. Wherever in the organisation and whatever his role, Pat made a lasting impact and was at the heart of many positive changes and business transformations. Pat became Chief Executive in 2011 and, over the ten years since, has led the organisation and provided the vision for continued transformation. With his leadership, ESB further developed its strong sense of values. By defining our purpose as “the creation of a brighter future for the customers and communities we serve by leading the transition to reliable, affordable, low-carbon energy”, Pat fundamentally repositioned ESB, leaving us well placed to play a critical role in climate action and the transition to a Brighter Future. Pat has also made significant contributions outside ESB. Driven by his belief that apprenticeships can make a real difference, Pat was deeply involved, as Chair of Ireland’s Apprenticeship Council, in expanding apprenticeships into new sectors of the economy. He has also been active in the electricity sector nationally and internationally and served as President of Eurelectric, the federation for the European electricity industry. Pat’s leadership has been characterised by a warmth and an interest in people and their development, by his strong values and integrity, by his personal energy and commitment, and by a sense of always wanting ESB to do the right thing – for our customers, our society and our future. He stands out as a truly authentic and purposeful leader, driven by a strong belief that clean electricity and electrification can be key drivers of climate action and that electricity is a social good that should be accessible and affordable for all. I know that you will join me in thanking Pat for his leadership and dedication to ESB and in wishing Pat & Thérèse all the very best with the next chapter of their lives.