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Michael Brauders is retiring on Sept 1 / Derek Fuller
After 40 years’ service, Michael Brauders will be retiring from ESB on 1st September. Michael started his ESB career in 1981 in Revenue Unit, The Mall, Waterford before moving to Stores Office, Gracedieu then to Payroll Unit and on to Management Accounting. On the closure of The Mall, He moved to Invoice Processing as Team Lead and then onto the PO Bureau before his final posting, Procurement’s Compliance & Reporting Team. As a result of this wide experience, Michael acquired an understanding of the inner workings of ESB’s systems and processes and gladly shared this knowledge with his colleagues. Although Michael spent all his working years in Waterford, he has always retained his proud Tipperary roots, cheering on Tipp in hurling and football. Nothing gave him more pleasure that Tipperary’s football Munster Title in 2020. Michael has made many friends during his long career and anybody who has worked with him will have learned a lot from his encyclopaedic knowledge of old Hollywood Movies, Churchill’s life & quotations, and world history in general. In sport, Michael turned out for ‘Garveys’ in the old mid-week cricket league and despite a shaky understanding of LBW distinguished himself batting at 11. A supporter of Leeds United since the 1970 FA cup (lost, of course), he will expound on their demise since the halcyon days in the 70s (Bremner, Giles, Lorimer) and the lessons to be learned from the heartbreak of so many near misses down the years. Michael will be missed and we wish him the very best as he begins a new and exciting chapter.