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Friday 28th April 2017 14:22

People Leaving

Brendan Cotter, SCADA Manager SDCC Retires / Frank Giblin
After over 50 years of sterling service to ESB, Brendan Cotter has decided the time has come to retire from work and focus on his love of all things marine and his many other hobbies.
Brendan joined the ESB in 1966. Having worked mostly in Transmission Stations he switched career in 1992 to become one of the pioneers in the development of the first SCADA system for ESB’s Distribution Network. Over the past 22 years Brendan has been closely involved in all aspects of the evolution of SCADA from the early days to the vital and much-depended on system it is today. He has expertly managed all of the SCADA support functions for SDCC Operations over the period. Today (Friday 28th) is Brendan’s last day at work.
As Brendan sets sail for new horizons, I would like to sincerely thank him for his dedicated service to ESB over the past 50 years and wish him a long, active and happy retirement which he so thoroughly deserves. Frank Giblin,
Operations Systems Manager, ESB Networks