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Friday 22nd May 2020 14:21


Thank you – Brian Montayne / Brian Montayne
I sincerely thank my current and retired ESB colleagues for the thoughtful support expressed following the sad passing of my Father, Noel. While I appreciate that many of you would have liked to offer your respects in person, unfortunately current circumstances have dictated otherwise. It was however very comforting to know that you were with my Family & I in spirit. The many messages of sympathy received by phone, text, email, letters, mass cards & condolences on were a source of great solace and I certainly felt the care of my ESB Family. Many thanks and Stay Safe, Brian

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Goodbye and Thank You from Michael Carroll / Michael Carroll “Looking out at the road rushing under my wheels;
Looking back at the years gone by like so many summer fields…” (Jackson Browne, Running on Empty, 1978)
Released the year I joined ESB, I didn’t think I’d be echoing those sentiments 42 years later, as my own (ESB) bus arrives at the ‘socially distanced’ terminus today (get musically educated, you sceptical – and/or younger – colleagues!!!).
All I can say is that all those years have indeed been summer fields, in large part thanks to ESB – which, of course, means the people in it. What a great company for which to have worked.
From Mary, our family and me, to all my ESB friends and colleagues… Thank you! It’s been a really wonderful journey of great opportunities, great memories and no shortage of fun; you’ve made it a wonderful place for me to have spent my career.
And a special thanks to my P&OD colleagues for a wonderful ‘virtual’ send-off this morning. The very best of luck to you all – and stay safe.
Hopefully we’ll eventually get to celebrate in a more traditional manner the opening of my 3rd Act … sometime after Phase 4! Watch this space… Cheers,