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Friday 16th August 2019 14:22

People Leaving

John Begley is retiring / Arthur Byrne
After 43 years’ service, John has decided to move to the next chapter in his book of life.
Over the course of a long career in the service of ESB’s customers and staff, John has been a passionate and practical advocate for safety through his long involvement with both local and national safety committees.
His energy and enthusiasm for the job has always been to the fore, none more so that during storms and when responding to ‘no-supply’ calls and making sure that work was carried out safely.
John would very much like if his colleagues and friends would join him and his family to mark his retirement and enjoy some refreshments in the Kytelers Inn, Kilkenny on Friday, 6th September, 2019 at 8.00pm.
If you plan on attending and would like to be associated with John’s retirement, please let Arthur Byrne know so that we advise the venue of numbers, etc. Contact: Arthur Byrne;; 087 2440905.

Irene Byrne is retiring / Eileen Downey
With over 41 years of service our Comp & Ben authority, Irene Byrne, will finish her work with ESB on Thursday 29th August 2019. Irene has worked with many people from across all parts of ESB. To mark her retirement Irene would like to invite her friends and colleagues, old and new, for some light refreshments in Doheny & Nesbitts on Thursday 29th August at 5pm.
If you would like to be associated with Irene’s retirement, please contact any of the following: Eileen Downey ext. 27797
Lorraine Somers ext. 26752
Patricia Brennan ext. 26686
Patricia Berry ext. 34305