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Thursday 19th September 2019 14:20

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Alan Enright, ESB Rosbrien is retiring / Melissa Butler
After 44 years of dedicated service, Alan has decided to retire from ESB and pursue his many family, sporting, artistic and travel interests.
Throughout his distinguished career in ESB, Alan has worked in many construction and design departments in ESB Networks, and has always been well known for his attention to detail, meticulous nature, technical expertise and in particular for being a great work colleague and friend.
Alan joined ESB in 1975 as an electrical apprentice. In the late 1980s Alan moved into design and took up a role as an engineering officer. Alan is retiring from ESB as one of the most experienced and respected 38kV engineering officers within the company. Alan’s attention to detail, technical skills and his ability to work with local authorities, state bodies and landowners has been the backbone of the 38kV overhead line design teamin the Midwest region for many years. Alan’s final day in ESB Rosbrien will be Monday 30th September. We will all miss Alan as a work colleague and most especially as a friend and we would like to wish Alan and his family a long and happy retirement. Alan will follow up with details of the plans for drinks to mark the occasion.