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MPF Rebate / MPF Health Insurance
In light of the Covid-19 crisis and the potential impact on private health insurance cover (primarily delaying certain private procedures) the Trustees of ESB Medical Provident Fund have agreed rebates for members for the period April to June inclusive 2020.
See The Hub for more info. The MPF Office is currently closed due to Covid-19 restrictions but we will be pleased to answer any further query you may have in relation to your rebate once normal office operations resume. Stay Safe, MPF Team

People Leaving

Message from Mick Dillon on his retirement / Virgil Porter
I am retiring in June 2020 but with annual leave my last day at work is Tues 28 April next,
To all my great colleagues and friends in ESB during the past 43 years – I had hoped to see you all before I finished but Covid 19 put a stop to that. I have enjoyed every minute of meeting, working, tea-breaking and socialising with you all. I am grateful to you for your friendship, tolerance, advice, help, laughs, heartbreak !! lack of patience and fun along the way.
I will miss my colleagues in ESB, but now I’m looking forward to pursuing new ventures, such as waking up, woodturning, walking, DIY, vintage machinery, washing up, going off-grid, learning new skills, mopping floors but not cooking dinner Monday to Friday. I wish you and ESB every success in the future.
Continued good health to you all in this crisis time but remember life will get back to normal and you will go down in history as the generation who survived and kept the lights ON. Keep the Big Mixer rolling. Stay Safe and Well.

Billy Nutley is retiring / Mick Dillon
Billy Nutley is retiring on 24 April after 40 years of dedicated service in ESB. He held many roles over his great career.
Starting in Ballinasloe in 1981 he worked in accounts and supply chain. He was self-trained in computers and broke new ground in all things digital with a Commodore 64.
He went on to be Energy Services Officer selling Gold Shield heating all over the midlands and north east. Then he went to marketing department as key account manager with industrial customers.
Billy moved to ESB Contracts, hiring large mobile generation all over Ireland to major customers such as Aer Lingus. He managed the ESB stand at national ploughing championships for many years.
Later he moved to technical services supervisor in Midlands and West. He was a champion in all things renewable with demonstrations in solar and wind energy. Billy was renowned throughout the country as the expert on power quality. He delivered numerous training courses both internal and external to ESBN. For the past few years he was the Safety and Technical Services Supervisor In Central Region.
He did trojan work to help develop and train the new safety approvals system. Billy had a joint retirement function planned but this is postponed due to Covid 19 restrictions. All his many colleagues and friends wish Billy and his wife Sheila a long and healthy retirement. We hope he gets to do all the things he wished he could and enjoys life to the full extent. From Mick Dillon, TSM Central. Networks CD