Contact Information

Invoice Processing
ESB Business Service Centre
Gracedieu Road
Waterford 01-702 6699 1850 266 666

Supplier Invoices & Payments support is provided centrally through the BSC Finance team based in Waterford. They can be reached on 01-7026699 Option 4 or by email. Contact Hours are: 9am to 5pm. Mon-Fri.

This team is responsible for the processing and co-ordination of supplier related activities within ESB Group. This includes scanning and paying of suppliers invoices, e-Invoicing, providing a One Time Vendor cheque payment system, operating a Corporate Procurement Card facility, providing a PO Bureau service for BSC Purchase Orders and a range of ancillary services including Revenue Returns, Customs and Freight query resolution and a logistics interface.

Purchase Orders
An ESB Purchase Order “PO” must be in place to buy any product or service. Approval to purchase must also be in place. Requests to create Purchase Orders for BSC and Corporate Center are managed by the “PO Bureau” in Waterford and require the appropriate purchase approval or contract to support the request. Purchase order request templates are available on the internal ESB Intranet. ESB Networks, GWM etc., arrange for their own Purchase orders.

All supplier invoices need to quote a Purchase Order (PO) number so that they can be logged on the ESB Finance system. Invoices that do not quote a PO number are returned to the supplier with a covering note asking them to contact their ESB buyer to request a PO number.

Supplier invoices need to be “goods receipted” by the ESB staff member who requested the product/service. This must be done by post or email before being processed for payment. The invoice will be paid on a “Net Monthly Account” basis unless otherwise stated on the Purchase Order i.e. payment is made on the last business day of the month following the month of the invoice.

Payments queries can be emailed directly to the Payments Team at