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ESB Pensions Office,
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Notice of Election REMINDER

Notice of Election Reminder (pdf 88Kb)

Notice of Election
Notice of the forthcoming election for member nominations to the Trustees of the Defined Benefit Fund.

Notice of Election (pdf 120Kb)

Payment of your Pension
Your pension will be paid into your chosen bank or building society on the second last working day of each month. A payslip will issue to you each month in respect of each payment.

Deductions from your Pension
If you wish to start, change or stop a voluntary deduction/payment from your pension please contact the organisation concerned directly i.e. the company or organisation to which the payment is made on your behalf.

Change of Address or Bank Account
In order to ensure effective communications and to pay your pension efficiently, we need to have an accurate record of your address and bank or building society account. If you change address please notify us in writing. If you change your bank or building society you need to complete a new mandate.

By advising of any changes as early as possible it avoids delays in receiving your payslip or your pension.

If you have any queries or if you would like to request a bank mandate form please contact Pensions Payroll 01 7026699  and select Option 3 when prompted or email

Pensioner’s Declaration Form
All ESB Pensioners in receipt of a pension from ESB Pension Scheme are required to sign the Annual Pensioner Declaration. It is an important control, required by our Auditors to guard against the possibility of fraud and to safeguard the Fund’s resources.

When you receive the Declaration please complete it and have it witnessed by one of the persons listed. If on receipt you have any queries regarding the Declaration please
contact us and we will assist you.

Spouses’ & Children’s Pensions
If you contributed for a spouses’ and children’s pension your legal spouse/registered civil partner will receive your full pension rate for the first four weeks after your death. After that time, they will receive a pension of 50% of your pension and if you have eligible children a pension will also be payable to them.

Spouses’ and children’s pensions cease on re-marriage or co-habitation in the case of members who joined ESB after 3rd November 1984. The Superannuation Committee may waive this provision in certain circumstances.

Surviving spouses’/civil partners normally qualify for a contributory widow/widower/surviving civil partners pension from the Department of Social Protection. The Pensions Office will write to your spouse/civil partner, when advised of your death, and will provide all the necessary information to help them at that difficult time.

Tax, Universal Social Charge (USC), PRSI and P60’s
There are a number of compulsory deductions from your Pension as determined by the current budget as announced by the Minister for Finance.

For the current information on these please click on the attached links.

For tax information

For information on Universal Social Charge (USC)

For information on PRSI

Every February ESB Pensions Payroll will issue you an important document called a P60 which confirms your total pension, tax, USC and PRSI payments for the previous tax year. This should be retained as it will be required by the Department of Social Protection if you are making a claim or the Revenue Commissioners if you are completing a tax return.

Other Benefits
In addition to your benefits from the ESB Pension Scheme there are a number of benefits provided by the State for which you may qualify. You are automatically entitled to a number of these benefits when you reach the age of 70

  • Free Travel in Ireland
  • Household Benefits Package
  • Medical Cards for people over 70

Free Travel in Ireland
Everyone aged 66 and over and living permanently in Ireland is entitled to a free travel pass. Shortly before your 66th birthday you should contact the Department of Social Protection directly to apply for your Free Travel Pass. The forms can be obtained from your local post office.

For more information and to download an application form please click on the link below.

Household Benefits Package
The Household Benefits Package is provided by the State for eligible pensioners and includes electricity or natural gas and free television licence.

  • Electricity Allowance
  • Natural Gas Allowance
  • Free Television Licence

Shortly before your 66th birthday Pensions Payroll will write to you with information on applying to the Department of Social Protection for the Household Benefits Package. The Department will assess if you are eligible for the benefits. If you are not eligible you should send the notification received from the Department to Pensions Payroll and your application will be reviewed as these benefits may be paid to you by ESB.

When you reach your 70th birthday and if you live in Ireland, you are entitled to the Household Benefit Package from the State without any form of a means test. Pensions Payroll will write to you shortly before your 70th birthday with the relevant forms to assist you in applying to the Department of Social Protection for these allowances.

Please click on link below for more information.

Medical Cards
Medical cards are issued by the Health Service Executive (HSE). Please click on link below for more information.

GP Visit Cards
GP Visit Cards are also issued by the Health Service Executive (HSE). Please click on link below for more information.

2019 DB Annual Report Event
Thank you for your participation in the Annual Report Event. The Annual Report Event was live from 12th November to the 27th of November. If you have any further queries please contact

Internal Disputes Resolution Procedures (pdf 157Kb)

Trustee/Superannuation Committee

Scheme Trustees
Tony Donnelly (Chairperson)
Pat Naughton
David Naughton
Anthony Walsh
Adrian Kelly
Peter Van Dessel
Anne-Marie Kean
Superannuation Committee
John A Carton (Chairperson)
David Sexton
Arthur Hutchinson
Ann Carroll
Adrian Fox
Claire Quane
Sean Kelly
Louise Murphy
John O’Sullivan
Margaret O’Connor