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Tuesday 16th October 2018 14:22

Learning Events

Lunch and Learn – Dance – Benefits to Mental & Physical Health & Wellbeing, Plus FREE Beginners Ceroc Dance Class / Siobhan Tinkler Hi All
See attached information on Lunch and Learn event taking place this Friday, 19th October, in Conference Room, Three Gateway.
The benefits of Dance and Movement to our physical and mental health & wellbeing, are well known and documented.
On Friday, Joan Pires, an experienced Dance and Movement teacher, will talk briefly on the topic. Joan will also deliver a Beginners Taster class in Ceroc Dance. See Joan’s Biography and event information attached. The event promises to be Fun and Engaging.

Tea. Coffee and a selection of sandwiches will be available.

Sports & Social

Still time to get involved to donate a Christmas Shoebox / Kevin Young
A quick overview for donating Christmas Shoeboxes, please let me know if you would like a leaflet: 1. Get a shoebox and wrap it in Christmas paper.
2. Choose a boy or a girl to receive your box and what age, i.e. 2-4 years; 5-9 years or 10-14 years.
3. Fill your box with gift items but please be sure to refer to the leaflets for guidance as some gifts are not suitable, especially if a country is at war.
4. Close the box with an elastic band (the box will be checked before it leaves the country).
5. A €4.00 donation to help cover the cost of shipping would be greatly appreciated.
Shoeboxes can be dropped to local collection points – AXA, FastFit/ FirstStop or Toymaster outlets by Friday 9th November.
Shoe box collection in the Dublin area will be coordinated by Kevin (27726) and will be collected from ESB Matthews Building, East James Place, Dublin 2, on Friday 16th November.
If you would like to know more about the Christmas Shoebox Appeal, please see the web site below: