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Tuesday 28th May 2019 14:21


Thank You from Paul Sheridan, Generation and Trading / Paul Sheridan
On behalf of myself and my family, I would like to thank all my friends and colleagues throughout ESB for your support and kindness following the recent passing of my Mother, Josie. Sincere thanks for your kind words of sympathy, cards, calls, texts and emails.
Thanks also to those who attended the funeral service. Your thoughtfulness and consideration has been a great comfort to us all at this difficult time and will not be forgotten.

Health, Safety & Wellbeing

One IT Situational Safety Awareness Campaign / Katalin Wallner
There is still more than two weeks to submit your Safety poster. Let your creative juices flowing. Here is a link to some inspiration for your slogan:

People Leaving

Celebrating Ollie Brogan’s ESB Career / Maureen Ferguson
Celebrating Ollie Brogan’s ESB Career
After over 40 years, Ollie is bringing his career in ESB to a close at the end of May. Ollie joined ESB in 1978 and started his career here as a civil design engineer. He was awarded a master’s degree for his work on flood estimation for design assessment of ESB’s hydro dams and also holds a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering.
Ollie then left engineering to progress a wide and varied career in almost every part of ESB. He worked as a Senior Logistics Manager in Materials Department, was the manager of Central Stores, and was the Sales and HR Manager for ESB Retail. He worked as ESB’s Marketing Manager and led the Demand Side Management Programme while in this role. He moved to a senior role in corporate change and was the HR Manager in Power Generation. Next stop was as Head of Corporate Affairs and then he moved to Head of Customer Supply (now Electric Ireland).
Ollie came back to ESB International in 2007 when he became General Manager of Engineering Solutions. Following a period as Acting HR Director, Ollie became the Managing Director of ESB International in 2011. This is a role that brought Ollie back to his roots in engineering while using his marketing and negotiation skills to win new international contracts. This was also a time of major investment in ESB Networks and Generation & Trading.
Ollie has made a huge contribution to ESB during his career and I hope that as many of you as possible will be able to attend Ollie’s presentation and to wish him well in his new chapter. Ollie’s presentation will be made by Pat O’Doherty, ESB Chief Executive, and will take place on 31st May at the Engineering and Major Projects office at 1 Dublin Airport Central at 4 p.m. This will be followed by a BBQ in the Radisson hotel. If you would like to attend the BBQ, please let Maureen Ferguson know to plan for numbers.
If you would like to contribute to his collection, please contact any of the following: Maureen Ferguson, 5N, One Dublin Airport Central
Tracy Dillon, 4S, One Dublin Airport Central
Bevin Cody, Desk. No.: 2.4.003, 4th Floor, Gateway
Noreen Walsh, Desk. No.: 2.3.04, 3rd Floor, Gateway
There is a card at my desk (5N) for anyone who wishes to sign it.