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Tuesday 14th September 2021 14:23

Farewell & Thanks

Rory Tansey is retiring / Pat Kelly, Technical Services Mgr. North Region
At the end of September Rory Tansey will have given 47 years of dedicated service to ESB and has decided it is time to retire and take more time to enjoy his other interests and family. Rory started as an Apprentice on 30th September 1974 and was assigned to Appliance Service Repair Sligo when qualified. He worked there until 1990 and has many humorous tales of his dealings with customers around the region in those days. Rory then made a big career change and took up the role of Operations Electrician in Ballina Area where he was soon required to join the On Call Rota there. He gave excellent service in all weather conditions in the Area which is frequently hit by the wild Atlantic storms. Rory had a passion for Safety throughout his time there, he was a leader in this area & eventually became the Safety Rep for his colleagues. He played a significant part in preparing and coaching the Teams in Ballina Depot towards achievement of the Gerry Campbell Award in the early 2000’s. This was very special at that time as this award was not given to many locations. Around 2004, Rory was appointed Customer Services Supervisor Ballina which was a very challenging role at a time when new connections reached an all-time high whilst new IT Systems were being introduced such as SAP ISU and OMS. Early in 2009 Rory, enthusiastically took up the role of Safety & Technical Services Supervisor for the North West Division which has since expanded considerably to encompass the entire Northern Region. With all this extra workload, Rory continued to give his time willingly to the ten Planner Group Teams and Management. With all the changes in STSS personnel nationally, since he took up the role it was not long before he became one of the most experienced and senior members of the group and as a victim of his own success, he was frequently called upon to help with national initiatives and new Safety related IT Systems such as Shield and the new Competency Approval System. Rory helped craft these systems to be more practical and user friendly for Regional staff. He wholeheartedly embraced the Safe and Sound initiative also and put a lot of effort into supporting and coaching all other staff who took on roles in it. Despite the time put into all these national initiatives, sometimes well beyond the call of duty, he managed to keep the busy day job going in the Region as well.
We will all miss Rory as a very approachable and knowledgeable contact in Networks. He was always very professional and good humoured to do business with and is known to many staff in Networks and ESB generally. We thank him sincerely for his significant contribution to the Company throughout his 47 years of service. We wish Rory, Elizabeth, and Family all the best in his well-earned retirement. True to his Safety ethos, Rory does not wish to have any function to mark the occasion as per Covid-19 guidelines at this present time.