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Friday 26th May 2017 14:21

Health, Safety & Wellbeing

National Slow Down Day 26th/27th May 2017 / ESB Road Safety Bureau
An Garda Síochána will conduct a national speed enforcement operation between 7am, Friday 26th May and 7am, Saturday 27th May 2017.
2015 in terms of road safety saw one of the lowest numbers of fatalities on record; 162 people died on Irish roads. Sadly, in 2016, this figure rose and 188 people lost their lives on our roads.
Excessive or inappropriate speed is a major contributory factor in one third of fatal road traffic collisions. The higher the speed, the greater the likelihood is of a collision happening and the more severe the outcome of that collision. Rule of thumb
1% Reduction in Speed =
• 2% reduction in collisions
• 3%reduction in serious injury
• 4% reduction in fatalities
ESB Road Safety Bureau asks you to support National Slow Down Day: • Respect the posted speed limit
• Adjust your speed to road, traffic and weather conditions
• LAW – You must be able to stop in the distance you see to be clear
It goes without saying this is not only for one day, but for every day, whether driving for business or private purposes. BE A BETTER THINKING DRIVER

Round 2! Group Health, Safety & Wellbeing policy review /
What’s happened so far?
Back in April, many of you took the time to share insightful and constructive feedback about the first batch of safety policies we posted for review. A huge thank you goes to everyone who took part. Second set ready to go!
So, as promised, we’re back again – looking for your advice on the final set of policies between now and June 16th. Do our safety policies hit the mark? What should we adjust? What needs changing? Go to: Health & Safety Policies to get started.
After June 16th, all comments will be reviewed and relevant updates made. For more detail…
If you’d like to know more about this process, who’s been involved so far and how you can play your part, you’ll find all that information here.
Thank you for taking the time to make this important contribution to Safety in ESB.

People Leaving

Reminder: Retirement of Bart Moriarty, Asset Management, ESB Networks / Paula Brennan
Bart is retiring with over 39 years service with ESB. Bart has worked in Power Generation, ESB International and ESB Networks. During a distinguished career he has been Station Manager Moneypoint, O&M Services Manager ESB International, Power and Civil Engineering Manager, ESB International, and finally Manager Infrastructure/Stakeholders in ESB Networks.
All of us that have had the pleasure to work with Bart are well aware of his immense contribution to ESB over the years. His experience, knowledge, judgement and company will be greatly missed.
Bart would be delighted to see his current and former ESB colleagues at his retirement function in ESB Leopardstown @ 5:00PM on Wednesday 31st May and afterwards in the Leopardstown Inn.
For those wishing to make a contribution to Bart’s retirement presentation please contact any of the following, in ESB Networks Leopardstown (Commercial & Regulation): – Paula Brennan (ext: 43334),
Mary Power (ext: 43264),
Rachael Haines (ext: 43431).
Donal Crean
Head of Asset Management
ESB Networks

Retirement of Rónán ÓhÓgartaigh, Asset Management, ESB Networks / Paula Brennan

Rónán is retiring after 38 years with ESB. Rónán’s career has taken him from Commercial Department in Head Office to various roles in the North East based in Dundalk where he worked for 15 years. In 1995 he left Dundalk for the South East as Customer Services Manager. Rónán moved to Asset Management in 2001 where he has led the introduction of modern control systems as Operations Manager, and has for the last five years been Transmission and Distribution Programme Manager where he has fulfilled the role of Transmission Asset Owner for ESB.

Rónán’s career has been characterised by a drive to adopt new technology, a commitment to change and improvement, and a dedication to serving all of ESB’s customers. His leadership will be missed by all of us who work with him both inside and outside ESB.

Rónán would like to welcome his current and former colleagues and friends to his retirement function in The Epic Restaurant in the Grand Canal Hotel, Dublin 4 at 6.00pm on Wednesday 7th June.
For those wishing to make a contribution to Rónán’s retirement presentation please contact any of the following, in ESB Networks, Leopardstown (Commercial & Regulation): Paula Brennan (ext: 43334),
Mary Power (ext: 43264),
Rachael Haines (ext: 43431).
Donal Crean
Head of Asset Management
ESB Networks