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Adrian Lane’s Retirement Ennis / Alan Hogan
Adrian has decided to call it a day after 43 years service on Friday 11th May.
Adrian joined the company as an Apprentice in 1975 being based in Rosbrien at the time. After successful completion of his apprenticeship Adrian worked as a Cable Jointer in Limerick and also as a Cable Jointer in the biggest project at the time in Ireland, the construction of Moneypoint.
He then transferred to the Area Office in Ennis, which was based in Carmody Street at the time. He worked as an Operator/Areas NT until the present. He succesfully applied for an On Call position in 1985 and contributed more than 30 years of On Call service to the Company, a huge achievemnet in itself sacrificing many a family event and Christmas dinner in order to restore supply to many, many customers over the years.
Adrian was heavily involved with the TEEU over his career and acted as a Committee Member, Secratary and Chairman of the Limerick No 2 Branch. He was the Safety Rep for Ennis and was Chairman of the Midwest Safety Committee for a term.
Adrian and his Family are holding a celebration of his career in ESBN on the 29th of June in The Old Ground Hotel in Ennis at 18:00 and have asked me to extend their invitation to all his colleagues both past and present to come and share a good night to mark the occasion. Congratulations to Adrian and Chris and best wishes for the future, Alan Hogan