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Friday 27th November 2020 14:21

Farewell & Thanks

Farewell & Thanks from John McGloin /
A huge thank you to all my friends and colleagues in ESB for all the messages of goodwill, gifts, cards emails, phone calls and texts that I received for my retirement, I am overwhelmed with your generosity and kindness. A special word of thanks to my colleagues in Supply Chain who made my last meeting with them all a very special occasion.
It has been an absolute pleasure working in ESB over the last 42 years and I attribute this to the support, comradery and friendship I received while working with great people across ESB Networks and Network’s Support. Hopefully I will see you all in the near future when it is safe to do so.


Annual Collection for St Mary’s Nursing Home / Meadhbh Connolly
It’s that time of year again when I reach out to loyal ESB supporters of St Mary’s Christmas appeal. Sadly, like other nursing homes for the elderly, Covid 19 brought much sadness to St Mary’s and there were 21 deaths in April alone arising from Covid 19. This year has to be different and we will not have access to the hospital to personally give each patient a gift and card on Christmas Eve, however, we are still collecting to make sure that each patient will receive a beautiful gift which we will leave for staff to distribute. Our suggestion for ladies’ gifts: gift set of shower gel/body lotion with a bedthrow or handcream or pretty bed socks. If you want to buy a gift for a man, we suggest shaving gift sets , socks and /or a throw. Best to leave the label blank on the gift bag.
If you would like to donate a gift, please email me. I can arrange collection of the gift within government travel restrictions. Several of you have kept me going at this over the last 20 years and I’ve been told by a colleague that it is their favourite present to buy. Heartfelt thanks for your interest and generosity.


Thanks from Ger Brennan on the recent passing of her father Peter Mullery, RIP /
Following the recent passing of my Father, Peter Mullery, I would like to say ” Thank You” from myself and my family for the cards, emails, text messages and beautiful flowers from my colleagues in Business Support, it made a difficult time so much more bearable. Ger Brennan.