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Cyclists – Liberty Bell Project Update / Brian Gray
After a long wait on a thumbs up from Dublin City Council, the Liberty Bell Project is now ready to get trials up and running.

So far 21 cyclists from the Dublin 3 area have signed up. Each of you will receive an email notification from Liberty Bell in the next 24 hours, advising of smart phone and bike requirements for participation.

Fluidedge staff will be in the ESB Gateway bike park on Monday 2nd October, 12:00p.m. – 2:00p.m. to fix your liberty bell to your bike. The trial will run for a period of 2 weeks.
If you are a Dublin 3 cyclist and wish to participate, please sign up today or tomorrow at the latest.
If you are in another Dublin area location, you can still register and Liberty Bell will be in touch as to when further survey trials will be mobilising.

More on the Liberty Bell Project
Calling all Cyclists! Uneven roads, cars parked in cycling lanes, a busy junction on the way home from work?
Winner of the Smart Dublin Cycling Challenge award, Liberty Bell is a smart bicycle bell that helps audit the urban environment from the cyclist’s point of view. It aims to try and understand what people are encountering while cycling in Dublin – what makes people feel unsafe while cycling? If the issues can be identified and understood.
The innovators behind the Liberty Bell, Fluidedge, are currently organising trials in Dublin City, funded and supported by Dublin City Council and they are calling for volunteer participants – as diverse a group as possible to get as wide a range of people’s opinions as possible.
A number of trials will be run. Participants will be asked to participate in one trial over a two-week period, where they will cycle as they go about their daily routines, ring the bell to log a particular issue and follow up with feedback on the issues they encountered. Participants must use their own bike and have a smartphone.


Children’s books required / Lesley Murphy
John Menton, the librarian in O’Connell’s Secondary School near Croke Park is looking for donations of children’s secondhand books for their school library. The school receives very little funding and most of the books in the library have been provided by parents and teachers. Books are to suit children with very basic reading skills – from 4 up to more able readers.
The students in this school are in one of the most disadvanted area and the school also have a number of new arrivals to our country with very little English.
If you have anything to donate please send to me here in Gateway 2 and I’ll arrange to get them to John.

People Leaving

John F. O’Connor, Networks Killarney is retiring! / Mary Scully John F O’Connor, better known as ‘Bessie’ is retiring after 38 years service.
A retirement function for John will be held on Saturday Sept 30th at the Avenue Hotel Killarney. All wecome!
If you would like to contribute to John’s retirement please contact one of the following: • Mary Scully 064 6620521
• Gary McCormick 087 2239141
• Ambrose O’Donovan 087 9743210
• Jim McAulliffe 087 9151419
• Jimmy P O’Sullivan 087 2241872