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Tuesday 31st October 2017 14:17

Dublin City Marathon Thank You. Séimí is going to grant a lot of wishes!! / Barry Brennan
Just a note to say thank you to everyone and to confirm I actually went through with it and ran the Marathon!!
It really was an amazing day and I loved every minute of it, even the last 5 miles of torture and pain!!
The journey was fantastic this year with the 2 boys Eamon and Eoin in with me for the past 6 months!!
Like I said in my video clip if I doubled the money I raised last year and finished under 5 hours I would be a happy man! Well we have nearly tripled the money and I finished in a time of 4 hours 58 minutes and 39 seconds (by the skin of my teeth but I did it!) so yes I am a happy man!!
This year we had Séimí Brennan on our chests and in our hearts all the way round! The day of the marathon was 8 weeks from the day of his death and boy did that wee man keep us going when we thought it was tough going!! Séimí’s mam was there at the finish line and that was a bit of an emotional moment for me anyway.
As of the time of this note we have raised an amazing €10,965.45 for Make a Wish Ireland. All the money raised will be donated in Séimí Brennan’s name and all wishes granted likewise! This means the world to his mam and dad as he never got his wish.
Also as of now I am fairly sure I won’t be running the Dublin Marathon in 2018 BUT myself, Eamon and Eoin have come up with a new challenge for 2018 for Team Séimí to be revealed at later date when our legs are back working. The aim in 2018 will be the same again, with your support, that Séimí will be back granting wishes once again!! This year, next year and every year the journey will continue as long as my legs are moving!!
Thank you all again for your donations and amazing words, emails and texts of support!
The page will stay up for another few weeks so if you haven’t donated and you would still like to please click here.