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ESB Archives Call out to our computer veterans! /
Did you know 2020 marks 50 years since the first computer arrived in ESB? It was the first IBM computer in Ireland – an IBM 650. This pioneering event reminds us of ESB’s long-standing commitment to innovation in serving our customers.
To mark this technological milestone in our history, ESB Archives is collaborating with Tech Archives Ireland to tell the story of how the first computers in ESB transformed working life.
We would love to hear from retired staff who worked on the IBM 650 system in the early 1960s. If you know a retired staff member who worked in this area and would be interested in sharing their memories in a chat over the phone, please email for more information about arranging a call back.
We are also keen to speak to speak to staff who worked in large computer installations both commercial and engineering, during the 1970s and 1980s, especially those who had hands-on experience in mainframe operations or applications development. If that sounds like you, we’d love to hear your stories. Please email for more details.

People Leaving

Gerry Lawler, Asset Management Services, EMP, is retiring / After 38 years service in the ESB, Gerry Lawler is retiring.
Although not formally retiring until May 15th, today marks his last working day with the Asset Management Services team.
Since Gerry started with the ESB in 1982 he has carried out a number of roles in the organisation from ESB Networks and ESB International, to his current role as Manager of the Cables & Overhead Lines Team in AMS, Engineering & Major Projects.
During that time Gerry has made a significant contribution to the organisation, not only due to his undoubted technical expertise but also from his ability to develop & sustain strong relationships with all whom he encountered in the course of his work.
All his colleagues and friends in the ESB and the AMS team wish Gerry all the very best in his retirement which will no doubt involve supporting Leinster Rugby and enjoying his passion of hill walking.
Given the current circumstances, it is not possible to mark Gerrys retirement in the appropriate manner, however this will be organised at a later date.

Pat O’Hanlon is leaving ESB today/
As many of you will be aware Pat O’Hanlon is retiring. While Pat’s official retirement date is the end of May, he has chosen to take leave which means today is sadly (for us) is his last day.
I’m sure you will all agree that Pat will be missed greatly, not just from a work perspective but also from a colleague and, for many of you, a friend perspective too.
Personally speaking, while I have only known Pat for a short time since I came to Dundalk, it is obvious to me that Pat’s expertise and knowledge of the network will be greatly missed. Not to mention the training he has given to the other EOs in the area over the last few years. It also helps when he has great taste in football teams as well 😊
Pat started in ESB in 1980 as a general worker, trainee/chargehand linesman and was also a patroller in his early days where he first started to gain excellent knowledge of the network and I am told his reports were excellent and provided clear direction to crews.
He then spent some time in LV renewal before moving to the records office in Dundalk where he put his patrolling knowledge to good use, mapping LV network to the DFIS system across the Louth, Meath and Dublin areas.
Pat moved into the Design side of the house as a Design EO in Dundalk around 17 years ago where he found his niche. During this time Pat built up a great rapport with local business customers which has made it very easy for anyone to take over his legacy in Dundalk.
Pat loves singing (they call him king of the road), reading books, gardening and spending time with his family and grandchildren and will surely now in retirement be spending more time on these things he loves.
As I said above, Pat will be greatly missed by all of us in Dundalk, so I would like you to join me in wishing Pat well for the future in this new chapter of his life.
Pat, thanks for all the hard work you have done for ESB over your 40 years’ service and best of luck for the future.