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Tuesday 7th July 2020 14:21

Farewell & Thanks

John McNeive is Retiring!/ Gemma Brennan
After nearly 43 years of dedicated service to ESB Networks, our friend & colleague John has decided to retire at the end of July.
John has had a varied & interesting career. He started out in Castlebar in 1977, where he worked as a linesman, an EO & then as Construction Supervisor in Tuam.
John was involved in IWM rollout & training back in 2008 & joined the ‘Back to Basics’ project in 2010. John’s knowledge of IWM, WMT scheduler & ARM have been invaluable. John has provided great support to supervisors, step-ups & clerical staff throughout the country on a daily basis for over 10 years. His one-to-one coaching of new supervisors has been a huge help to those transitioning to the new job.
John’s great manner, his sense of humour & his helpful nature will be greatly missed by us all.
John’s retirement celebrations are being postponed, but we’ll celebrate with him at a future date. We wish John, Carmel & his family good health & happiness in his retirement.