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Monday 9th July 2018 14:21

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Retirement of Joe Fagan NT ESB Networks Tullamore / Richard young
After a long and renowned 48 years of committed service our friend and colleague Joe Fagan is retiring.
Joe has worked with ESB since 1970 when he started as a Post Boy in Fleet Street. From there Joe’s 48 years of service have seen him go through the ranks of GW, Linesman, craft and credited NT to a dedicated Operator in the Tullamore area.
Joe’s knowledge and professionalism will be missed as will his friendly and witty sense of humour, especially by his colleagues who have worked with him in recent years.
To mark his retirement, Joe would like to invite his friends and colleagues, past and present to join him at the Old Harbour Bar (Wrafters) Harbour Street, Tullamore on Friday 13th July at 7pm. Anyone who would like to make a contribution towards Joe’s send-off may contact: Frank Leamy, Naas or Mick Dolan, Tullamore