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Friday 10th August 2018 14:21

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Jim Lawlor – Retirement / Ger Brennan or Niall Byrne
After more than 37 years service, Jim Lawlor will patrol his final minipillar on Thursday16th August. Jim has worked in a range of activities in Leopardstown since 1981 but will be best known for his commitment to the minipillar hazard patrols. Jim has visited and maintained most of the 22,000 minipillars in Dublin South over the years, and contributed significantly to ensuring their public safety and integrity.
Jim will celebrate his well deserved retirement on Friday evening in the Talbot Hotel (formerly known as the Stillorgan Park Hotel) on the Stillorgan Road at 8pm – Friday 17th August. Jim invites all his friends and colleagues to the event.
Anyone wishing to be associated with a presentation to Jim, please contact Niall Byrne or Ger Brennan.