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Wednesday 13th May 2020 14:21

People Leaving

Maria Greene’s Retirement/ Karen Davis
After 47 years service in ESB, our colleague Maria Greene is retiring in June.
Maria began her career in ESB in February 1973 in Medical Provident Fund, before moving to Occupational Health/Health Services. In recent years Maria is probably more well known for her time and expertise in Recruitment.
Throughout her career Maria has made a significant contribution to ESB, with her extensive knowledge and expertise.
Those of us who have worked with Maria will appreciate her professionalism and commitment to ESB, as well as her generosity with her time, and passion for developing people within her own team and beyond.
Maria will be sorely missed particularly in the Talent Acquisition team, but we wish her a long and happy, well-earned retirement.
Maria’s last working day is 4th June, so an official celebration will be marked at a later date.

Paul Cox, Michael Carroll and John O’Neill are retiring/ Pat Naughton
Our colleagues Paul Cox, Michael Carroll and John O’Neill are retiring in the coming months with all having their last day of work between now and the end of May.
All three have had successful and varied careers that span right across the organisation but will be best known for their contribution in the HR function. John and Michael will be best known for their senior roles at Group HR level and in John’s case latterly in our Safety Organisation. Paul also has many years in the HR function predominantly as a BU HRM, most recently in the Customer BU.
All three gentlemen have contributed enormously to our company over the years and between them have more than 120 years of experience. I believe it is the first time that the HR function has lost three senior managers at the same time and their varied experience in people related matters will be sorely missed by their colleagues across the function and the organisation.
Paul, Michael and John have many friends in ESB and in normal times we would be recognising their contribution and the friendships built up over the years in a social setting. That is not possible at the moment, but we look forward to marking their retirements in the time-honoured way in the near future.
In the interim I would like to wish Michael, John and Paul well in what I hope will be a long and fulfilling retirement and I know that many of you will wish to do the same in the coming days.