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Farewell & Thanks from Cera Slevin/
Just a brief note to all the people I’ve met in ESB to say a big Thank You for all the experiences and support over the years. It’s been a hell of a journey since I landed down to Moneypoint in the late 90s, where I met some great people and somehow came away with a PhD. Boiler section in Head Office, Dublin stations, ESBI powerplant, ESB Independent Generation, Asset Development and EMP has given me a breadth of experience that you couldn’t find in another single company.
During that time ESB also facilitated my itchy feet, curiosity and desire to experience other cultures with a year on energy projects in Aboriginal communities in Australia and two years at a hospital in Uganda on water and solar schemes. The later experience in particular, made climate change very real and its impact on the daily lives of my colleagues and patients and I returned with fire in my belly to do my bit.
A big thanks too to the mentors I’ve met in recent years and to those I’ve coached and mentored as I take away as much from those meetings as you do.
I’ll be alongside ESB in the decarbonisation journey with “Climate Matters” so we will no doubt meet again. My last day is 15th October so I might catch you for a cup of tea in the airport before then but I’m not going far and will be on the same number.

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