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Emily’s Big Hair Cut – Irish Cancer Society / Lesley Farrell
Hello. My niece Emily, who’s 7, has decided to cut her fabulously long hair and donate it to The Rapunzel Foundation. Along the way she would like to raise as much as possible for the Irish Cancer Society. For many reasons, this is a charity that’s very close to my heart and I would greatly appreciate if you can support a well worthy cause and Emily’s Big Hair Cut.
Please click the below link to see the actual lenght of her hair and to donate. I will also have a sponsor card on my desk if anyone would prefer to do it that way.
Thank you so much

Health, Safety & Wellbeing

Incidents involving Pedestrian Crossing at ESB Gateway / Jim Murphy
Please be aware of pedestrians, including children and other road users when approaching the Pedestrian Crossing at the top to the ramp to the Car Park between One Gateway and Two Gateway, East Wall Road.
Please follow the appropriate road signage markings painted on the road/ramp that warn you of pedestrians ahead and check the mirrors installed to view if any other road users or pedestrians are present and ‘Stop’ as appropriate.
Although this is a private road and not under the direct control of ESB, normal Rules of the Road and appropriate road user behaviour applies.

Sports & Social

Final reminder – SPORTSCO AGM / SPORTSCO
SPORTSCO Boardroom
15th May, 6pm