Spouses’ & Children’s Pensions
If you contributed for a spouses’ and children’s pension your legal spouse/registered civil partner will receive your full pension rate for the first four weeks after your death. After that time, they will receive a pension of 50% of your pension and if you have eligible children a pension will also be payable to them.

Spouses’ and children’s pensions cease on re-marriage or co-habitation in the case of members who joined ESB after 3rd November 1984. The Superannuation Committee may waive this provision in certain circumstances.

Surviving spouses’/civil partners normally qualify for a contributory widow/widower/surviving civil partners pension from the Department of Social Protection. The Pensions Office will write to your spouse/civil partner, when advised of your death, and will provide all the necessary information to help them at that difficult time.

Tax, Universal Social Charge (USC), PRSI and P60’s
There are a number of compulsory deductions from your Pension as determined by the current budget as announced by the Minister for Finance.

For the current information on these please click on the attached links.

For tax information

For information on Universal Social Charge (USC)

For information on PRSI

Every February ESB Pensions Payroll will issue you an important document called a P60 which confirms your total pension, tax, USC and PRSI payments for the previous tax year. This should be retained as it will be required by the Department of Social Protection if you are making a claim or the Revenue Commissioners if you are completing a tax return.
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