Medical Benefits

Contact Information

ESB Medical Benefits,
27 Fitzwilliam Street Lower
Dublin 2
D02 KT92 01-7026699

Who is entitled to ESB Medical Benefits?

The following groups are entitled to the main ESB Medical Benefits (Optical/Dental/Hearing Aid)

  • Current staff who are members of ESB Superannuation Scheme and are paying PRSI Class D contributions
  • ESB pensioners who have paid Class D PRSI contributions in employment
  • Staff on VSS with ongoing pay who are paying PRSI Class K contributions, except those who are paying PRSI Class A contributions in another employment
  • Spouses of the above, except those qualified in their own right for Medical Benefits from Department of Social Protection
  • Children of the above under 16 years of age
  • Staff on other PRSI classes (e. g. Class A) have a corresponding entitlement from the Department of Social Protection and are not entitled to claim ESB Medical Benefits.

Making a Claim
All claims should be submitted on the correct Claim on ESB Medical Benefits’ form, completed both by yourself and your Optician/Dentist, and accompanied by a separate receipt.

Please note that the following limits apply when making a claim:

  • Dental Claims – Once per calendar year
  • Optical Claims – Every 2nd calendar year
  • Hearing Aids – Every 4th calendar year

Completed Claim Forms should be sent to:

ESB Medical Benefits,

27 Fitzwilliam Street Lower

Dublin 2,

D02 KT92


Dental Claims Form

Optical Hearing Benefit