Lost Laptop or USB

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My laptop has been lost/stolen, what do I do?

If an ESB laptop is lost or stolen from a company workplace, the user must report the loss/theft to local management. The loss/theft must also be notified to the UAM Team at (70)26699 option 1 or by emailing itsecurity2@esb.ie

Please include your User ID, Staff Number an Service Tag of the device which was lost/stolen.

If an ESB laptop is lost/stolen from a non-ESB location, the user must also report the loss/theft to the local Garda or police station.


My mobile phone is lost/stolen, what do I do?

Lost ESB-owned mobile phones or USB keys need to be reported to disable unauthorised use.

In the event of your mobile phone being lost or stolen please contact your Mobile Services Co-ordinator (MSC) as soon as you are aware of the loss or theft.

Your MSC will take steps to ensure that the SIM card in your device is de-activated and can also arrange for either the supply of a new device or the loan of a temporary one.